Intensive English Program

Aloha everyone! It’s Hikari!

Spring I has finished and IEP students are enjoying 2 weeks break now!

Today I’d like to tell you guys who are considering to study abroad about what you should bring from your home country.

First, “Medicine”. I guess It is totally different between your country and Hawaii, and especially Big Island that there is Volcano, so some people suffer from vog (volcano smog). You can buy medicine here, but if you do not really know about medicine here, I recommend to bring it from your home country.

Second, “Food from your country”. I think It is also different food culture between your country and Hawaii, and there are some food from foreign country in Hawaii, but it is very expensive compared to your country.

So, I recommend to bring it such as instant food product.(Please be careful to select food because of the Customs Service)

Last, “Your laptop”. Of course school has computers, but I think people who will enter college have to have your own laptop.

I will post vol.2 next time !!
See you later!