Intensive English Program

Aloha-! It’s Hikari!
I would like to continue introducing “What to bring for study abroad” part2!!

First, “Dictionary or Electronic dictionary”.
People who are going to be students should bring dictionary or electronic dictionary because some professor do not like to let student use their smartphone during class even though using for translating or looking for words’ definition. In some cases, the professor take your participation points out if you use your smartphone in class.(It’s me).
So, I recommend it.

Second, “Cosmetics and Sanitary goods”.
Some people have sensitive skin, so it’s better to utilize the goods you use as usual than buying the goods in Hawaii.

Last, “Sunscreen and Insect repellant spray”.
I think compare between your country and Hawaii, There is more a large quantity of UV in Hawaii than your country. We have to habituate ourselves to put sunscreen on our skin before going out!
And we have to do insect repellant spray too. Hawaii has plenty nature so obviously there are many different kinds of insect there. In order to prevent to get an infectious disease, we have to do it as well:)

Okay I’m going to wrap this up today!

See you next week;)