Intensive English Program

Another session is coming to an end soon. Then, we will have another group of new students in January.
Studying abroad is very exciting but at the same time, it can be nerve-racking.
On the first day of orientation, everyone doesn’t know each other but gradually, they get to know each other throughout the week and they become good friends. Who knows the friendship may last for a very long time!
We offer Hilo tour as part of the orientation and that gives special bonds to our new students when they join. Please find out what this student’s experience was like when she joined the Hilo Tour.

On October 26th, three new students had a Hilo tour. We had a wonderful time together. We went to Akaka Falls and Rainbow Falls.
How beautiful they are!Especially Akaka Falls, we saw the waterfall from far away.
The closer we got, the more magnificent it was. All of us were surprised by its beauty and height.
It was our first time here, and we enjoyed it very much.