Intensive English Program


Hilo town may not have as many shops and restaurants as Honolulu, however students find ways to enjoy themselves besides shopping and going to eateries on their weekends. Find out where this student went.

I will talk about Hilo’s long breakwater wall.

The wall is about 3 mile to the tip. The tip has a small building; which is a lighthouse. The construction of this wall begun 1908 and completed in 1929. In there, I wondered how people back then built this. And, I respect them because the wall is made from pretty big lava rocks.

In the wall, you can see different color between land side and ocean side. In the first picture, you can see that the ocean side is blue and land side is clear. It was mysterious and beautiful. In addition, if you have a luck, you can see whale in the ocean. Some people come to fishing there, other people come to just hang out there. I didn’t go to the tip but I think it’ll take about 2 hours to go there. Furthermore the road is unstable. If you want to go to the tip, don’t forget to wear sports shoes, bring the snacks, and be motivated to walk 4 hours in total. I think the view from tip must be beautiful, but actually, I don’t want to do that.

The entrance to the wall is on Kalanianaole Ave. The second photo is the entrance to the wall. You can enter there and pak your cars***. If you have no idea on vacation and sunny day, you should go there.

*** The parking is not visible from the main busy road and we recommend to make sure not to leave valuables in your car and lock.