Intensive English Program


From our Spring II session, I would like to share a few writing journals that our level 4 Writing & Grammar students wrote.
Today’s journal shows that our IEP students help each other no matter where they come from. For this case, each student came from different countries and it’s so great to see they help each other to achieve the same goal which is learning English! Everyone is learning English here at the IEP so like this student said, it’s okay to make mistakes!

I felt happy in class because my classmates were so kind. When we worked out p.g.165, I could not understand problems which I always make the same mistake, and then they encouraged me.
When I was a student in Japan, I afraid to make mistakes, but when I study in Hawaii, I do not afraid of it.
I think making mistakes is not good in Japan, so almost Japanese do not want to make mistakes, but I can make mistakes at IEP. I feel so happy.