Intensive English Program

Our Summer session is coming to an end in a few days and IEP students will have 3 weeks summer break!
It’s a great time to travel. This level 4 student took a trip to Maui by himself. Let’s find out how his trip was.

I want to introduce my experiences. The last IEP vacation, I went to Maui by myself and stayed there for 10 days.
First, I visited Lahaina, the east side of Maui. I stayed a hostel but the clew showed me a bed which is put in outside.

There were only couple of curtains that divide my space. Moreover, there was a small path that many customer walk, so my space was strange, and
I could not image how I can sleep well. Actually, at that night, I tried to sleep although many customers walked next to me even in midnight, so I woke up many times during my sleep.
However, I get used to sleep on the bed, and I could sleep well rest of the days, so it was good memory for me. In Lahaina, I joined surfing lesson. I went surf sometimes in Japan,
but I could not do well. The lesson was fun, and I talked with an instructor in English many times. I used a long board, so it was easy to catch a wave. After that, I walked around the
town. The town is tourism place, so there were many tourists especially many of them were seem to come from Europe. There were many unique restaurants and shops, so I
recommend to visit Lahaina.

5 days later, I left Lahaina and go to Kahului, the biggest town in Maui. It is residential place, so it was so quiet that I could stay there comfortably. I stayed
in hostel and I met a roommate that she was come from Romania. She likes to travel around the world, and she talked many interesting stories. One day she invited me to go
hiking and we went to a big fruit field. I saw pineapple field, there were many young pineapples. They were impressive for me. In the end of the trip, I stayed in a men’s hostel. I
met a guy who was from Florida, and his age was close to me, so we got closer quickly. Furthermore, he was interested in Japanese animation, so we talked about that for a long
time. In next day, we went to a river and drank a beer in noon. We had a good conversation. He is my good friend. Finally, I went back to Hilo.

In conclusion, I have many wonderful memories in Maui. I stayed hostel almost of all days. It gave me to get closer to people and had many memories. When you travel, I recommend
to stay in hostel. You would have many opportunities to talk with people. In this trip, I went to only two places, so when I go to Maui again, I will visit other towns and find new things.