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It’s always fun to try different types of food! This level 4 student shared her favourite Mexican restaurant in Hilo town.
Find out where and please try!

I had never eaten Mexican food until I came to America. Italian food is more popular than Mexican food in Japan. I think that it is same for others asian countries. My husband loves Mexican food, so I often cook it, and we go to a restaurant. He is picky for Mexican food and I rarely feel Mexican food is tasty but we found a good Mexican restaurant in Hilo.

The restaurant is “Lucy’s Taqueria”. It is close to downtown KTA and across to Japanese sushi restaurant “Ebisuya”. I think that it is confused to order, so I will tell you some my recommendation meal. You know taco and burrito, don’t’ you? If you order them try to order beef tongue or beef cheek for inside meat. Enchilada with green tomato source is also good. Fajita is fried meat and vegetable. You can eat a lot of vegetables. Pollo asado is BBQ chicken.

While you wait your food they serve you free tortilla chips with homemade salsa source. If you are under 21 years old try to drink Mexican juice “Horchat”,is sweet rice milk, otherwise get a Coronarita. The coronarita is frozen or the rocks margarita with a mini corona beer upside down into the margarita. That is amazing. You can eat good food as listening Salsa music. You will feel viva Latino!