Intensive English Program


Our IEP students have access to reside in a dormitory of the University of Hawaii at Hilo.
This is a good chance for our blog readers to know what’s like to live in a dormitory.

My dorm is in the front of the University of Hawaii at Hilo, and is called Hale Alahonua.
I have lived in this dorm about one month after I came to Hilo.
At first, I was so nervous because it was the first time to live on my own outside of Japan.
Now, I can spend comfortable time in this dorm. Then, I would like to introduce my dorm, the location, the communal dining room and studying room, and my own room.

Firstly, my dorm is near UH Hilo and it takes about three minutes to reach there.
It is useful for UH students or tutoring for HCC students to go to UHH. However, I have to walk about twenty minutes to go to Hawaii Community College (HawCC), so I have to get up early on a weekday. Everybody who lives in this dorm is a UH or HawCC student. My dorm has three buildings which is named A, B, and C and the first floor is combined as one big floor.
They have three floors and in the middle of each floor, there is one elevator. Everyone can enter my dorm, but main door closes at 11 p.m. to 9 a.m.
If I want to enter my dorm in this closed time, I have to use one stair at the side of the dorm. If I also want to have some food, there are some choices.
I can use the cafeteria in UH or there is a Seven-Eleven. I often use Seven-Eleven because it is popular in Japan, and I can buy many things late at night.
I go to the supermarket every weekend to get some food for a week, but I have to walk about twenty to thirty minutes to go there. It is difficult to buy something for daily life without a car, so I really want to have someone to take me shopping!













Secondly, my dorm has one communal dining room, kitchen, and laundry room on the first floor.
Every room doesn’t have own refrigerator, microwave oven, or washing machine, so students have to make meals and use laundry there.
When I want to use the kitchen, I have to show my ID card to the students sitting at the entrance in my dorm.
In the kitchen, I can use all kinds of cooking tools, and big refrigerator, but I should be careful that my food is safe because someone might take it.
In addition, the kitchen is a good place to make some new friends. Many students gather in one kitchen and dining room, so we can share meals and have enjoyable time.
Then, the laundry cost is five dollars in one time and it takes about one hour and half to finish it. It is too long to wait, so I spend the time for studying or talking with my friends.
There are some studying rooms in my dorm. They are small rooms that have four chairs and one table. When I use these rooms, I have to show my ID card at the entrance. They are comfortable to studying, and students can use them for some meetings there.

Finally, my room is on the third floor at C building and I have one roommate.
She is also an IEP student and came here in March. My room is not so big, and I feel the space is suitable for one person. There is one table, chair, and single bed.
Under the bed and at the side of the door, there are two big shelves. I put textbooks, some food, and cosmetic products on the table.
In addition, I put my clothes and some bath stuff on the shelves. I can relax in this room because it is my private room, and I can arrange my tools freely.

In conclusion, my dorm is useful to go to UH, the place to make some friends from sharing rooms, and comfortable to study privately.
Unfortunately, I will have to move another dorm in May, so I want to enjoy the rest school life in this dorm and make a lot of friends and memories.