Intensive English Program


We always encourage students to volunteer so they can get used to speaking in English and make new friends through volunteering.
This level 4 student decided to join a hula conference the other day. Let’s find out how her experience was!


This is my first time to volunteer in my life.
If you study English in IEP, you can participate in various volunteer activities here. I had been interested in volunteering, but I had never tried it in Japan.
Finally, I volunteered here in Hilo.

I volunteered at the hula conference, it became a great experience for me.
The 5th World conference on hula was held on June 14th to 23rd in Hilo, last time is 2014 in Kauai. Participants came from around the world. Actually, I am not very familiar with hula, so I am taking hula class in IEP for studying Hawaiian culture, and this is my first time to dance hula.

When I volunteered at hula conference, I didn’t have confidence to talk with native English speakers at the first time, because I started to study here from this summer session. I was nervous, but local people were very kind, and we talked a lot, so I could enjoy to work with them. Also they taught me about hula and Hawaiian culture, it was very interesting for me.

If you participate in volunteer in Hawaii, you can make local friends and learn Hawaiian culture. It helps to improve your English skills.
As a result, I could learn English and Hawaiian culture and know the warmth of Hawaiian people in volunteer. Also, I realized that I must improve English more, and I want to be able to express what I want to say in English in the future. Then I decided that I would volunteer a new activity next month!