Intensive English Program


Everyone has a different reason to come to Hilo. It’s always interesting to hear from students why they chose Hilo and what they think about their life in Hilo.
Find out why this level 4 student chose to come to Hilo as her study abroad destination.

Life’s environment is good for me.
I came to Hilo on the same day I graduated high school in Japan. When I arrived here, I was really nervous and scared for everything. Now, I am so enjoying my Hawaii life because of IEP teachers, my friends, and family.
The reason why I chose to study abroad in Hilo is that I have been here once before with my hula teammates when I was a high school student. I went to UH and sightseeing around Hilo, and I danced hula with St. Joseph High School students. When I went back to Japan, I thought I want to go to Hilo again.
If I come here, I can learn English, Hula, and Hawaiian culture, so I decided to study abroad here.