Intensive English Program


This is a blog written by our level 4 student. Please read why she chose to come to the Big Island!

It was my dream to go to Hawaii.

I like travelling to foreign countries but I had never been there.
People love Hawaii because the beach is nice, the weather is good and the culture is beautiful.
Therefore, I took Hawaiian history class in my university in Japan.
The history was totally different what I thought, especially Japanese Americans history.
I found Hawaii is not just like a paradise.

Then, I thought I want to learn about Hawaii more. That’s why I came to Big Island, Hawaii.
I am taking hula class here.

Hula teaches me Aloha spirit such as kindness and unity. In addition, every motion of hula has meaning.

Those things are interesting for me, and I can learn Hawaiian culture from hula. I had never dance hula before, at first, I couldn’t turn my waist well, so that part was really difficult.
Through practice, I am getting to dance hula well. The end of the session, we had a graduation party. I danced hula in front of my friends. I was very nervous, but I enjoyed that.

I think Hilo is a good place to go studying abroad because it has a good environment to study English. Moreover, there are many opportunities to try new things such as hula.
In the future, I want to be a good English speaker through my studying abroad in Hilo.