Intensive English Program

Aloha everyone! I’m Akiho, a level 4 student.
This is my second time to write a blog assignment.

Today, I would like to tell you about new study opportunities.
Do you know Study Hall?
This is a free conversation class on Monday mornings.
Every week has different teachers such as an art professor or a counselor from across campus.
I participated in this class three times. They checked my essay and gave some advice to me.
It really helped me because I could focus on my problems.
Also, I learned a lot of good solutions from them.

In addition, I spent time with other classmates, and we talked about English simple questions.
I was a little nervous when I joined the first time, but this program is more relaxed than class.
We can eat some snacks and have drinks like at a friend’s house.
The next study hall is October 2nd. Facilitators are peer mentors from the Hawaiian studies department.
We can get a good opportunity to practice conversation with them.