Intensive English Program


I would like to share another blog written by our Level 4 Writing & Grammar student in the last session.
Before Covid-19, we used to see many IEP students bringing their home lunches to school. Whether they cook or not, they learn something new from each other’s lunch.
It’s neat to see different dishes that you never saw from your country and students were taste-testing each lunch.
This student was from Switzerland and shared a recipe. Please let us know if you actually try making this dish!

Tomorrow I’ll be cooking one of my special recipes. I’ll roast a 1.3 kg piece of pork. I usually choose pork’s neck for my roasts or even pork steaks because it has a lot of intramuscular fat and strong taste.
First I’ll trim my piece of meat and remove silver skin and extra fat. For the seasoning I like to keep it simple. I insert fresh garlic inside the meat and for the rub I like to use Black pepper, salt, garlic powder, and red chillies.
Then, I’ll sear the meat over the fire, I’ll let it cook 20 minutes over intense heat basting it with butter to have a nice crust and a smoky flavor. After that I’ll wrap the roast in aluminum foil with rosemary, fresh garlic, red wine, and butter. I’ll let it cook in the over like that 4 to 5 hours at 120°c.