Intensive English Program


What’s like to live in Hilo as an international student?
Today’s level 4 student is talking about transportation in Hilo. Does she have a car? Does she walk everywhere? Please find out below!

There are not many choices about transportation in Hilo; however, I live comfortably.
This is a pain in the neck to think about how to get to where I want to go in other countries. People usually drive cars here, but most international students don’t have cars.
In my case, luckily, my landlord gives me a ride to downtown every Saturday; therefore, I don’t have to carry heavy groceries while walking.
In addition to cars, I use a bicycle so that I want to be healthy. Cycling could be good exercise.
On the other hand, I enjoy walking because of my friends, various nature, and sky. When I go to the movies, my friends and I go to a theater by walking. The time when we are walking is special because we share our experiences here and in our own countries.
Moreover, Big Island has beautiful nature and the wide open sky, so I can enjoy flowers and rainbows while walking.
To sum up, everybody can spend a comfortable time in Hilo even though they don’t have cars.
In the beginning of my life in this wonderful town, I was concerned about transportation, but many people give me help. Thus, there is nothing to trouble you in Hilo.