Intensive English Program

Aloha! Every session, we arrange special events so IEP students can have opportunities to speak English.
This session, the event was at the University of Hawaii at Hilo to meet students from a Linguistics class.
They are learning how people acquire 2nd language.

Today’s blogger is a student from Peru. Find out how she felt about the event.

Aloha! Today I will write about my conversation exchange with the linguistic class at the University of Hilo. Last week, the IEP program went to UH to meet many university students and talk with them.

This experience was very interesting because I could talk with native English speakers. I met about seven people, and each one had a different experience living in a different place and studying in Hawaii.

All of them were very friendly, and I could practice my English with them. It made me feel comfortable, and I was able to have a good conversation. I think that this experience helped me in my confidence and in my desire to learn more. Thanks IEP for this experience!