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The cherry blossom season has come in Hawaii, specifically in Waimea town.
This is one of the biggest festivals on the Big Island.
Although it’s a bit far from Hilo (1.5-hour drive), it’s worth going so you can now say ” I’ve seen cherry blossoms in Hawaii!”

Find out how this student enjoyed the festival!

I went to Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival. It was good and I had fun.
I saw beautiful Okinawan cherry blossoms and watched performances like, Taiko drums and Okinawan Eisa-dance. I saw a Lion dance too. The lion was blue, and the face was so funny and cute.
To be honest, the cherry blossoms were not like I was expecting, but those were still beautiful.
All of trees were leaning and my friend told me that was because of the direction of wind.
Waimea was kind of cold and rainy for me.
However, breeze was comfortable.
I felt weird that I was like I was in Japan, but I was also glad that people from here loved Japan a lot so I want to appreciate them.
If you have not been to Cherry blossom festival yet, I want you to try to go and feel Japan there.