Intensive English Program


In this session, we are lucky to have enough students to run our optional hula class. The class welcomes any level dancers. This blog’s topic was “What have you enjoyed the most while studying at the IEP?”.
This student’s answer to this topic was ”Hula”.
We hope this session’s students enjoy the class as well.
Please find out what kind of experience this student had from our hula class.

I enjoyed dancing Hula this semester at the IEP. I have been attending the IEP for a year, and I knew the IEP had a hula class.At first, I thought that it was difficult to balance studying and hula. However, since I came to Hawaii, I decided to take the chance to enjoy Hawaiian culture. Lessons are held for one and a half hours once a week. We learned the basic steps in the first lesson. It is very interesting that the steps’ names are expressed in Hawaiian language. For example, Kaholo, Uwehe, Ami kuku and so on. We learned one song  each lesson. We have danced to various genres such as classic hula, modern hula, and up tempo songs. One song per lesson may seem hard, but the teacher’s lecture makes it easy for beginners to dance. Above all, it is fun during the hula lessons, so it feels like a short time. I always think that I cannot wait for the next hula lesson.