Intensive English Program

Today’s level 4 student will share what he learned from the IEP.
He talks about how our classes have been helping him to prepare for a college-level course.

It’s been almost six months since I started IEP, I’ve learned a lot in all classes. I especially didn’t know anything about how to write an essay and give a speech. What is the main idea, paragraph, thesis, body conclusion, I learned those all basics.

Reading and listening are probably the most difficult things in the three classes and the skills that I need to improve to start college course. However my reading skill has improved a lot compared with before I start this program, I also learned many vocabularies from lots of reading.

All teachers and tutors, they have been good and helpful to me. They all have different character, and style and idea for teaching so I learned a lot from them. My mind is always full of thoughts, and I sometimes feel nervous for my future, but then Hawaii’s nature always comforts me and gives me energy for study.