Intensive English Program


Our program is an Intensive English Program so students get ready for college-level classes by taking Writing & Grammar, Reading & Vocabulary, and Listening & Speaking.
Today’s Level 4 student blog will talk about her favorite class among those 3 classes. Let’s find out what class is her favorite class!

What is your favorite class at the IEP?

This is my second session at the IEP.
Last session, I was a full-time student, that means I experienced all three classes. It’s hard to say which class is my favorite because I got a lot of benefits from all classes.

For example, in Grammar & Writing, I learned many very useful writing formats, writing skills, and correct grammar structures. This knowledge is very important, especially for people who want go to college or work in big companies.

Speaking & Listening class taught me how to express my feelings correctly, and how to catch important information by listening. Also, the weekly speech activities built up my confidence. I’m still nervous when I give a speech, but I’m not afraid anymore. It made my life in America much easier.

Before I took the Reading & Vocabulary class, I couldn’t even read a short article. I hate reading; but after I learned how to read, I started to enjoy reading. Now I can finish a 100 paged, level 6 story book in about 4-5 hours without skipping any pages.

Now you understand why I have difficult time choosing which is my favorite class right? If you force me to choose one, I will say the negative part of me will choose Speaking & Listening because compared to the other two classes, this is the easiest for me. Like everyone else, I like to stay in my comfort zone, too. Anyway, the positive side of me will choose the Reading and Writing classes, because these two are what I needed the most. I always believe, if we want to have an easier life, we should choose what we need instead of what we want.