Intensive English Program


Here is another student’s blog on the same topic as my last blog.

The US classroom environment is very different from what many international students experience in their home countries. How to write a paragraph/essay, how to take notes by listening to a lecture, how to make a speech – all these are usually different from how they do in their home countries. For those IEP students who are thinking to proceed to Hawaii Community College or other American colleges/universities, it’s important for them to have these skills and the IEP is a great place to start so by the time they complete the program, they feel confident studying in a degree-seeking program. Find out what skill this student thought it’s helpful for his education journey.

Topic:  How do you think your English has improved during your time studying at the IEP?

At first, there was a lot of new vocabulary. I didn’t know the meaning and how to pronounce different words. After I studied at the IEP, my vocabulary has improved a lot, and I learned a lot of new grammar I didn’t know before. I think the most important things I learned are the way to read and take notes. It’s very helpful.