Intensive English Program

Here is another journal on the topic of “How do you think your English improved during your time studying at the IEP?” An intensive course like the IEP is hard for students sometimes but the intensity is the key to improve your language skills.

Please take a look at what this student felt about our program.

My English has improved a lot when it comes to writing, vocabulary, and grammar.
I clearly realize that now I can identify some errors in essays that I didn’t see before. My vocabulary was a little restricted, and I realized that during some conversations; however, now, I have better fluency without having so many pauses to think about words. Grammar has always been a problem for me in English, but I have learned some rules that are necessary for correct English. The course with the IEP is super demanding and rigorous, which makes us able to learn what will actually be expected of us in the future or in college. I am very grateful to the instructor who always corrects all my errors and teaches me everything I need to know before entering college. English is a very important language. Learning grammar, writing, listening, and speaking is a great privilege for people who are immigrants.