Intensive English Program

We’ve been offering our IEP classes online virtually since this Spring.
Last session, we’ve asked our students to write about a topic on “How do you think your English improved during your time studying at the IEP?”
We would like to share one of the students journal today. She took our classes virtually for 2 sessions.

My second session is about to end since I joined the IEP. Throughout this term, I have mainly realized improvements in listening and reading comprehension. 

For example, in the past, when watching an English TV program, I relied on subtitles to understand the story. Sometimes I was desperate to follow the subtitles and couldn’t see the image. However, I’ve recently become able to understand most conversations and stories without subtitles. I’m also starting to notice the details and phrases in conversations that are not translated in subtitles.

When I read an English article, I use the dictionary less often than before. Even for sentences with difficult themes, I can grasp the content from the overall context now. Also, my reading speed of long sentences has increased.

To be honest, I didn’t think I could gain such a noticeable change in just two terms for eight weeks. I still have weak points, so I would like to continue studying.